Hairdresser Reacts: Blonde To Green Hair Transformations


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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo   1 weeks back

    I think green is gonna be the hair color of 2020

    • Tiana Mason
      Tiana Mason  4 hours back

      I went blue haha. And ended up with some green pieces.

    • Coexisting Reality
      Coexisting Reality  6 hours back

      Brad Mondo dang skippy you right! I have loved having green hair for that past couple of years. I’m excited to see this blow up to the level of fame that the color green deserves!!!

    • Lexy S.
      Lexy S.  8 hours back

      I'm getting my hair done neon pink. 👀

    • Cassady James
      Cassady James  8 hours back

      Up next brunette to emerald green

    • Dawn Parsons
      Dawn Parsons  11 hours back

      I've been rocking green on and off for 15 years! Let's make 2020 the year of green!

  • Nida Niyaz
    Nida Niyaz  2 hours back

    The 2nd girl's hair was AWESOMEEEE!!

    • Bobbi Cline
      Bobbi Cline  2 hours back

      Sooo, last year my friend wanted green hair, and he was like dark brown hair and he didnt wanna bleach it. It practically was black for a week or so

      • Katherine Monroe
        Katherine Monroe  3 hours back

        I almost impulse colored my hair forest green because I wanted to look like Midoriya, too. I double justified it by saying I could cosplay as Ragdoll :3.

        • Siara Shrout
          Siara Shrout  3 hours back

          I have ALWAYS wanted to do green. So bad

          • Siara Shrout
            Siara Shrout  3 hours back

            Not a hair stylist but I think she didnt put enough product on her ends

            • Amanda Afanador
              Amanda Afanador  4 hours back

              What extensions would you recommend??

              • Brandi Stephany
                Brandi Stephany  4 hours back

                I would love nothing more than to give you complete creative freedom to do anything with my hair. I'm so over my natural color. I wish you weren't so far away!!!

                • Nawal Aldandashi
                  Nawal Aldandashi  6 hours back

                  stella cini is so good at dying hair! omg ive been watching her and then giving her self bangs is just aghh

                  • alex ho
                    alex ho  6 hours back

                    this video gives me PTSD of when I just got my hair rebleached, went into the pool, and it turned GREEN not a cute one either LMAOOO.

                    • Coexisting Reality
                      Coexisting Reality  6 hours back

                      Let’s see what else I can predict ;)

                      • Coexisting Reality
                        Coexisting Reality  6 hours back

                        Okay, so it’s a prophecy. Not a prediction, lemme correct myself real quick hahaha!

                    • Coexisting Reality
                      Coexisting Reality  6 hours back

                      Wonder what trend I can predict next.....hmmmmm, elven hair. It’s gonna be a thing. Mark my words. After green hair...THE ELVEN HAIR will bless the world.

                      • Olivia Abrahamian
                        Olivia Abrahamian  6 hours back

                        Artic Fox dyes aren't that great. They give the hair a very dull, lack luster appearance imo.

                        • Coexisting Reality
                          Coexisting Reality  6 hours back

                          My goal was to have my hair remind people of the trees. Now a few years later and it’s the color of the year! I’m so down.

                          Side note: I like the faded green look. Don’t player hate on my trend.

                          • Coexisting Reality
                            Coexisting Reality  6 hours back

                            Had green hair before green hair was cool ✊

                            • Alex Michales
                              Alex Michales  6 hours back

                              Low-key might just dye my hair green 💚🤷

                              • Ciani Atrod
                                Ciani Atrod  7 hours back

                                I love your intro it makes me feel so happy and special thank you❤️

                                • nickkcavv
                                  nickkcavv  7 hours back

                                  Her ends were blue because porous hair rejects warmth and accepts cool colors so her white porous ends rejected the yellow in the green leaving it with blue because green=blue+yellow

                                  • Barr Oakes
                                    Barr Oakes  7 hours back

                                    13:30 brad almost seems straight then he opens his mouth again 😂😂

                                    • Mermaid Embrean
                                      Mermaid Embrean  8 hours back

                                      Ok, not a hair dresser, BUT I have done greens in my hair for YEARS. The BIGGEST issue with greens is it hard to find a true green, most companies add to much blues, ESPECIALLY if it's over the counter brands. Jerome Russell and kiss brand are the 2 I've used that are true greens, but the kiss brand is more semi than the Jerome Russell brand.

                                      • Mermaid Embrean
                                        Mermaid Embrean  8 hours back

                                        Also, green tends to fade sooooo fast. The Jerome is the longest I've ever had it last which was about 6 months before completely gone

                                    • Mermaid Embrean
                                      Mermaid Embrean  8 hours back

                                      Green is my color!!!! I love my green!!! Currently a tanzanite tho, fades into an opposite ombre, its actually really cool

                                    • Safiya Hamid
                                      Safiya Hamid  8 hours back

                                      Brad I got a question, one time i tried to do my hair purple and blue and it turned green ...

                                      • tooth boy
                                        tooth boy  8 hours back

                                        Green has been my favorite hair colour I've had since 2018 :)

                                        • COUGH COUGH
                                          COUGH COUGH  8 hours back

                                          Peacock vibes and I’m living for it

                                          • Emrys
                                            Emrys  8 hours back

                                            I love my green hair because it looks like grass and I feel like Loki with my natural blonde growing out.

                                            • Tiffany Tripp
                                              Tiffany Tripp  8 hours back

                                              You make me so happy. Everytime I'm sad I watch your videos and you cheer me up! The compliments at the beginning always make my day, and I'm so glad your here for us fellow viewers! Have a good day! :)

                                              • Lee Tonya Hall
                                                Lee Tonya Hall  9 hours back

                                                I want to dye my hair green now

                                                • Lyzzi Bennit
                                                  Lyzzi Bennit  9 hours back

                                                  I would love to have a Mint Green much

                                                  • queen lele
                                                    queen lele  9 hours back

                                                    The second video girl looks amazing!!!

                                                    • Katy McComb
                                                      Katy McComb  9 hours back

                                                      Yesssss i was hoping you were going to watch Stellas video. I love watching her!!

                                                      • Dyl Pickles
                                                        Dyl Pickles  9 hours back

                                                        I haven't dyed my hair in 2 years but Jenna's technique is so close to mine

                                                        • Hannah Metzler
                                                          Hannah Metzler  10 hours back

                                                          If a blonde wants to dye their hair Green just go in chlorine 🤣🤣😣😣

                                                          • Xenedraa Bourque
                                                            Xenedraa Bourque  10 hours back

                                                            The girl that had the blue/gray hair looks stunning with the green hair. 🥰 Looks fabulous with her skin tone!

                                                            • Ruthie Sawyers
                                                              Ruthie Sawyers  10 hours back

                                                              I come for brad to say I’m beautiful 😭😍

                                                              • allycat358
                                                                allycat358  10 hours back

                                                                Me: cool color looks like deku. reads caption.
                                                                *I just wanted to be Midoryia*

                                                                • Butt Kraken
                                                                  Butt Kraken  10 hours back

                                                                  Same happened to mine, that color contains a TON of blue to make it so dark. To fix that i just add a little bit of yellow on the ends.

                                                                  To make the green so dark they use their black, i think, because the black in arctic fox is VERY VERY Blue.

                                                                  • Taeliciouse
                                                                    Taeliciouse  10 hours back


                                                                    • Illieya Sanoria
                                                                      Illieya Sanoria  10 hours back

                                                                      Hey Brad I just saw this video and I would love it if I could get my hair colored green by you. Is there any way you could do this for me?

                                                                      • Owusugiselle
                                                                        Owusugiselle  11 hours back

                                                                        That my hero academia reference in the the first one 👌

                                                                        • Mha Mha
                                                                          Mha Mha  11 hours back

                                                                          And you yes ÿôū BrAd MoNdO you are a BEAUTIFUL 👑

                                                                          • lets Have fun
                                                                            lets Have fun  11 hours back

                                                                            Why the hell would the second girl wear a white top when dying her hair green. I mean If u wanna wear a white top and dye ur hair cover your shirt up with a towel or something I mean c'mon

                                                                            • Laura Beux Lane
                                                                              Laura Beux Lane  11 hours back

                                                                              Me: on my pc, in pijamas, with a bun, glasses and brackets.
                                                                              Brad: You look STUNNING

                                                                              Love you Brad ♥

                                                                              • Emily Naftel
                                                                                Emily Naftel  12 hours back

                                                                                I know my ends are so dead that colour doesn't really stick in them anymore. That could be why hers were more blue than green.

                                                                                • Alexis East
                                                                                  Alexis East  12 hours back

                                                                                  SHE JUST WANTED TO BE MIDORIYAAAA ;-; XD

                                                                                  Still looks dope~

                                                                                  • Odd R
                                                                                    Odd R  12 hours back

                                                                                    I've used arctic fox phantom green for the last five years and will never stop. Green is my color

                                                                                    • Odd R
                                                                                      Odd R  12 hours back

                                                                                      The last two years they seemed to have changed the pigment. It is much bluer than previously

                                                                                  • Liv Gordin
                                                                                    Liv Gordin  12 hours back

                                                                                    brad is such an unproblematic queen, he slays

                                                                                    • Liv Gordin
                                                                                      Liv Gordin  12 hours back

                                                                                      that second green is GORGEOUSSSSS

                                                                                      • Liv Gordin
                                                                                        Liv Gordin  12 hours back

                                                                                        these chicks need to take out a small strip and dye it before doing their entire heads