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  • steviekeas
    steviekeas  1 months back

    Chris gonna enjoy that crow, re: Mahomes vs Patriots D

    • Erik Eischen
      Erik Eischen  1 months back

      “I’m gonna go with the Cowboys d overwhelms trubisky”-this guy⬆️ 😂 Mitch was extremely overwhelmed with 244 yds/3 TD passing & 63 rushing yds & 1 TD. They finally listen to their Chicago couch tv yelling fans. Let the kid run he’s not Tom Brady and he doesn’t have Tom Brady’s pocket. This guys advice makes me want to start mahomes

      • Recoil816
        Recoil816  1 months back

        Longtime, realistic Chiefs fans know exactly how this will play out.

      • J R
        J R  1 months back

        He solved it last year. They put up 40 and 31 so I dont understand this narrative

        • BIG Joe Duncan
          BIG Joe Duncan  1 months back

          We have all been waiting to see little Darwin Thompson get a load of carries. Its time. Watch for him to impress.

          • AmarNathan
            AmarNathan  1 months back

            So both saints and Ravens key games are at noon games ? Come on man. What's with this schedule. Why didn't they flex ? Saints 49rs shoulve been a Monday night game, not eagles and Giants

            • Dom _
              Dom _  1 months back

              Can't flex Monday night games..

          • Nevermore
            Nevermore  1 months back

            Hes solved their D twice. He lit them up

            • Perry
              Perry  1 months back


              • shawn taylor
                shawn taylor  1 months back

                What is there to solve ??In the only 2 games Mahomes has played the Patriots the Chiefs have scored a total of 71 points. lets face it the patriot's defensive stats are inflated largely to who they have played so far.

                • Sarah Kovacs
                  Sarah Kovacs  1 months back

                  Yeah i dont get this narrative. Hes had slow starts...but hes carved them up in the second halves....and finished with better stats than brady

              • Norseman
                Norseman  1 months back

                All right Reid the ball is in your court. What ya gonna do? Time for a ring or beat it.

                • LGP42
                  LGP42  1 months back

                  Keep doubting the Saints we enjoy haters to hate

                  • dmholman
                    dmholman  1 months back

                    Florio's genius level defensive strategy that he thinks the Bills should employ is that they should tackle Lamar Jackson .... ummmm .. okay. I mean,. I guess technically that's what you want to do, but then what have the other 11 teams the Ravens' have faced so far been trying to do (including the team he credits for the strategy against Josh Allen)? If that's the code to crack the Ravens' offense, there needs to be a mass firing of Defensive Coordinators.

                    • Sean S.
                      Sean S.  1 months back

                      Looks like Trubisky beat the boys huh? I’m glad

                      • Sean S.
                        Sean S.  1 months back

                        My Chiefs will figure it out real quick. We’re gonna win.

                        • Phil E
                          Phil E  1 months back

                          More like can the Chiefs D solve the Patriots offense. Mahomes has lit them up every time he's played them.

                          • Erik Eischen
                            Erik Eischen  1 months back

                            Phil E 80% snow at 1pm 90 at 2pm 100% at 3pm. Pats #1 d but their schedule was so soft. Still picking mahomes or tannahill vs raiders?

                          • Sarah Kovacs
                            Sarah Kovacs  1 months back

                            Right? Hes had slow first halves, and then hung 31 points in the 2nd half each time

                        • BeastMode Slays
                          BeastMode Slays  1 months back

                          Should I start Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers

                        • GoldenBoyOzzy
                          GoldenBoyOzzy  1 months back

                          Did he just try to justify calling jimmy g a meat head lol get off tv

                          • Eric F. Jr
                            Eric F. Jr  1 months back

                            The games both these teams played last week will have everyone thinking this is gonna be some kinda close wont be. Ravens are the MUCH better team & should win this by at least a TD. The simple truth is the Bills haven't beaten a good team all season (no the Cowboys are NOT good) meanwhile the Ravens are out here slaying dragons. I don't think Lamar will have a highlight reel type of game bc i do believe the Bills defense is very good but I do see the Ravens defense making life miserable for Josh Allen....

                            Ravens 24
                            Bills 13

                            • frank
                              frank  1 months back

                              Chiefs have every reason to be confident in themselves and just EXECUTE

                              • Sarah Kovacs
                                Sarah Kovacs  1 months back

                                @floatpool their D is playing better

                            • Nosara
                              Nosara  2 months back

                              Hey the Pats were on the road with the flu.

                            • Robert Gowdey
                              Robert Gowdey  2 months back

                              JA arm against the Cowboys looked amazing

                              • Dale's Guitar Tuition
                                Dale's Guitar Tuition  2 months back

                                "You or I could make the throw." I like you Mike, but you should not ever put yourself in the same pool as Chris when it comes to throwing.

                              • Micah Hayes
                                Micah Hayes  2 months back

                                Even if Mahommes & Chiefs solve Pats D and win; Florio will still be still saying the Pats have fell off instead of Chiefs are for real.

                                • Dustin Persinger
                                  Dustin Persinger  2 months back

                                  Lets get it CHIEFS!!!

                                • Chiefs Lightning
                                  Chiefs Lightning  2 months back

                                  I don't think the Chiefs are going to gain 450 yards but let's not pretend that the Patriots are going to move the ball either.

                                  • Chiefs Lightning
                                    Chiefs Lightning  1 months back

                                    @Dom _ My original point was that the Patriots aren't going to run the ball 30-35 times because they're guaranteed to loss if that happens.

                                  • Dom _
                                    Dom _  1 months back

                                    @Chiefs Lightning well of course a QB is gonna get upset at that 😂

                                  • Chiefs Lightning
                                    Chiefs Lightning  1 months back

                                    @Dom _ It's nothing horrible but Rodgers and Brady both get upset when their team's continue to run the ball and it isn't working.

                                  • Dom _
                                    Dom _  1 months back

                                    @Chiefs Lightning Brady nor Rodgers have that trait stop

                                  • Chiefs Lightning
                                    Chiefs Lightning  1 months back

                                    @floatpool That's a bit extreme. The Patriots rarely prioritize the run game. Brady has that Rodgers' trait in him where he gets angry if doesn't get the ball.

                                • NMJ 88
                                  NMJ 88  2 months back

                                  If we had a RB (like Kareem Hunt) we would systematically destroy the Pats. That's on the Chiefs bcuz they let him go.

                                  • Austin Stude
                                    Austin Stude  1 months back

                                    #34 Thompson is the truth

                                  • frank
                                    frank  2 months back

                                    he did it to himself

                                • Rexy 1776
                                  Rexy 1776  2 months back

                                  Chiefs offense is too predictable for me to have confidence in beating the Pats Defense. The walrus is going to get beaten by Bill.

                                  • Vox Romantic
                                    Vox Romantic  1 months back

                                    Yes they are predictable; they put up 30+ points every time they play the Pats.

                                  • EmptyHand49
                                    EmptyHand49  1 months back

                                    Pats are 0-2 against good teams we'll see if they get their first win

                                  • Rexy 1776
                                    Rexy 1776  1 months back

                                    PattyCakesahoy Nope because there offense is highly unpredictable. The Chiefs is predictable Chris Simms has talked about it in a past video in great detail.

                                  • Hawkeye 357
                                    Hawkeye 357  1 months back

                                    @PattyCakesahoy Nah what they said was the Patriots were playing the long game and didn't need to win because they were playing to beat them in the playoffs.

                                  • PattyCakesahoy
                                    PattyCakesahoy  2 months back

                                    Did you say that about Lamar Jackson and the ravens too?

                                • Kevin 747
                                  Kevin 747  2 months back

                                  Not a Cowboy hater but I want them to lose tonight to see Jerry Jones post game press conference. Always great entertainment.

                                  • nharris25
                                    nharris25  2 months back

                                    Pats never stopped Mahomes to begin with. The D sucked!

                                    • Tom Gow
                                      Tom Gow  1 months back

                                      IJeffChiefsKingdom yes and statistically those have been pats worst games of the season.

                                    • IJeffChiefsKingdom
                                      IJeffChiefsKingdom  1 months back

                                      @Tom Gow Patrick is 2-0 in prime time games this season

                                    • Tom Gow
                                      Tom Gow  1 months back

                                      IJeffChiefsKingdom ok then that lends itself to the narrative that pat struggles in big prime time games and comes out to hyped up

                                    • IJeffChiefsKingdom
                                      IJeffChiefsKingdom  2 months back

                                      Tom Gow he overthrow a td pass twice in both games in the first half

                                    • Tom Gow
                                      Tom Gow  2 months back

                                      IJeffChiefsKingdom he did get shut down in the first half of both games tbf to them

                                  • Giacomo Spreafico
                                    Giacomo Spreafico  2 months back

                                    Patty gonna dominate that new england secondary

                                    • Chiefs SUCK
                                      Chiefs SUCK  1 months back

                                      Isaac Reyes Honestly you are the DUMBEST sports fan I’ve ever seen 😂.

                                    • Isaac Reyes
                                      Isaac Reyes  1 months back

                                      Sunny R. You sound stupid. Never said pat won, just that he abused the secondary, which he did ... in fact, he was the ONLY one to do so last year in the post season... everybody else, pats defense demolished.

                                    • IJeffChiefsKingdom
                                      IJeffChiefsKingdom  1 months back

                                      Sunny R. Cleary you didn’t watch the game the offense wasn’t the issue

                                    • IJeffChiefsKingdom
                                      IJeffChiefsKingdom  1 months back

                                      Sunny R. The offense did their job both games

                                    • Chiefs SUCK
                                      Chiefs SUCK  1 months back

                                      IJeffChiefsKingdom 43 and 34? Hmm, so I’m guessing they won the game both times then?