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  • KingsBeast
    KingsBeast  4 weeks back

    Subscribe to me plzzzzzz

    • Woa Doodle
      Woa Doodle  4 weeks back Peek a boo doodles face cute

      • solo streem
        solo streem  4 weeks back

        Check this out. I'm married to one older brother who loves the 49ers, and the other youngerr brother loves greenbay. Both good teams. But u know for many yrs greenbay has beaten many teams. For once the 49ers beat greenbay. What a game. They r the most competitive teams rt now 49ers and greenbay. The 49ers won. Wahooo

        • ORGIN_ ENVI
          ORGIN_ ENVI  4 weeks back

          solo streem so you are married to your brother???

      • Edits Of my life
        Edits Of my life  4 weeks back

        Big game from him.

        • Curtis Ray
          Curtis Ray  4 weeks back

          49er fans right now are celebrating their trip to the super bowl by shitting on the sidewalks. Go 49er fans( On the sidewalk)

          • robin baby
            robin baby  4 weeks back

            Out of all team's the b!tch a$s 49ers🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤦🏾‍♂️
            I hate the Patriots but the 49ers is on another level of hate.
            Thanks to their punk a$s fan's.

            • Ryansmackdown98
              Ryansmackdown98  4 weeks back

              No there not the Chifes are going to beat the 49ers

            • Grayson Clark
              Grayson Clark  4 weeks back

              GO chiefs

              • Ryan Flanagan
                Ryan Flanagan  4 weeks back


                • F*ck this Shan guy
                  F*ck this Shan guy  4 weeks back

                  Nothing like 2 Madden 20 meta's meeting in the SuperBowl.

                  • Louis_Happy
                    Louis_Happy  4 weeks back


                    • Aiden Biscaino
                      Aiden Biscaino  4 weeks back

                      Cowboys super bowl 55 56 57 and 84

                      • Spencer Nguyen
                        Spencer Nguyen  4 weeks back

                        Niners taking the 6th super bowl win!!!

                      • Jakey Jake
                        Jakey Jake  4 weeks back

                        What are your predictions for Super Bowl LIV?
                        The San Francisco 49ers
                        The Kansas City Chiefs???

                      • Melissa Cassell
                        Melissa Cassell  4 weeks back

                        The Packers had an amazing season and they will do it all again in 7 months. Go Pack Go.

                        • Gabriel Guajardo
                          Gabriel Guajardo  4 weeks back

                          Ayyyy Melissa Cassell your in denial

                        • Peppa Pig Fan 2256
                          Peppa Pig Fan 2256  4 weeks back

                          We just need to sign or trade or draft more recivers and linebackers/coners because our defense sucked and Rodgers needs more recivers that he can trust besides adams or lazard

                        • KINGDUCKCAT
                          KINGDUCKCAT  4 weeks back

                          Melissa Cassell SKOL

                      • Vincent Lau
                        Vincent Lau  4 weeks back

                        Packers you should win your better you wind the first super bowl that’s why I don’t like the the 49ers

                        • Angel Espinoza
                          Angel Espinoza  4 weeks back

                          To bad for that niners won the first five how bout that

                        • Dale Long
                          Dale Long  4 weeks back

                          Packers are a mediocre team that stumbled into the playoffs and somehow beat Seattle, only because they also stumbled into the playoffs. Packers will be lucky to have a 10 - 6 season this year. Rogers operates at about 60% of what he once was. The young Head Coach is going to have more than a few miserable years as this team self destructs. Let Rogers do his commercials, and get a quarterback on the roster.

                        • KINGDUCKCAT
                          KINGDUCKCAT  4 weeks back

                          Just cuz a team won the first super bowl doesn’t make them good 😂

                        • Rob Hebert
                          Rob Hebert  4 weeks back

                          U slackers i mean packers weren't ready lmao

                      • Dwayne Hogan
                        Dwayne Hogan  4 weeks back

                        Aaron rogers is now officially garbage...

                        • wambamit344
                          wambamit344  4 weeks back

                          Dwayne Hogan
                          It wasn’t Rodgers
                          It was their defense!!!
                          You have to play harder than you ever have and they were pussyfooting!!!! They didn’t want to get hurt. Hahahaha

                      • DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie

                        Eagles winning another Super Bowl before Dallas📌

                      • Trying to hit 10k without content

                        what even is this

                        • Veezy the bot
                          Veezy the bot  4 weeks back

                          They let people talk to each other while they show the score to the games

                      • Dew
                        Dew  4 weeks back


                        • Jaheim
                          Jaheim  4 weeks back


                          • Aiden Biscaino
                            Aiden Biscaino  4 weeks back

                            Cowboys super bowl 55

                          • Lalo Sanchez
                            Lalo Sanchez  4 weeks back