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    1:54 💞💯💙

    • Sandra Wolgamott
      Sandra Wolgamott  1 months back

      Florio is trash I dunno why Simms is on his cast

      • Sandra Wolgamott
        Sandra Wolgamott  1 months back

        And kittle is doing all this with a broken ankle shanny described as looking like tree bark. Unbelievable

        • Lori
          Lori  1 months back

          Kittle is the 🐐

          • LordDragul Smitty
            LordDragul Smitty  1 months back

            Titans have quite the gauntlet coming up as well Texans twice and the Saints in between

            • dawonplace
              dawonplace  1 months back

              Chris won. Who cares what "no playoffs" Phillip rivers does. God bless you.

              • Jason Allen
                Jason Allen  1 months back

                No Kareem Jackson?

                • Rexy 1776
                  Rexy 1776  1 months back

                  Kittle > Kelce > Andrews

                  • EternalCreator
                    EternalCreator  1 months back

                    "Travis Kelce is awesome but he's not George Kittle"

                    • Couch Man
                      Couch Man  1 months back

                      Not sure how Daniell hunter being the youngest ever player to get 50 sacks isn’t a s huge statement idk what is

                      • JRE
                        JRE  1 months back

                        Why is the video cut off mid-sentence? (Love Chris Simms)

                        • Roosevelt Green
                          Roosevelt Green  1 months back

                          former wr know how to TACKLE,always liked him as a qb

                          • jacob kemp
                            jacob kemp  1 months back

                            Florio is an idiot he is saying it's ok to boo a QB coach combo who are 10-3, who are 6 of 9 in the superbowl and have appeared in the AFC championship game over 60% of the time they have been with the patriots. There are very few fan bases that would boo there HOF players. Besides that florio was saying he needs jimmy G to look like trubisky before he will believe hes legit. Florio is a special type of stupid.

                            • Nightowl333
                              Nightowl333  1 months back

                              Patriots fans booing at the half of a regular season game is the perfect example of how awful their fans are and how easy they are to hate as a team.

                              • Sandra Wolgamott
                                Sandra Wolgamott  1 months back

                                They're a spoiled fan base and imma love seeing them in the gutter

                              • post peel
                                post peel  1 months back

                                Yup they've always been this way and it'll only get worse once Brady leaves or retires. New England football will be back to normal LOL.

                              • jacob kemp
                                jacob kemp  1 months back

                                @EShy no they dont I remember the 9er fans cheering for Montana when he was on the chiefs after everything he did for the team. It's really ridiculous since they are also still a playoff team as well.

                              • EShy
                                EShy  1 months back

                                @jacob kemp they've gone to 7 or 8 straight AFC championships too, these fans really don't deserve the success their team had

                              • t flo
                                t flo  1 months back

                                fans acting fanatical..imagine that?

                            • Tyler Prince
                              Tyler Prince  1 months back

                              George kittle is great but come back when he has 4 straight 1000 yard seasons like kelce, by the way kelce is the first tight end in NFL history to have 4 straight years 1000 yard seasons, kelce is the goat.

                              • FSUniner4life 1
                                FSUniner4life 1  1 months back

                                Tyler Prince don’t live in the past homey cause kittle does it all and a way better blocker

                              • mikelew415
                                mikelew415  1 months back

                                Kittle blocks better than Kelce and that alone gives him the edge! Kansas City has to put up points because they’re defense is terrible so those stats and numbers are a bit flawed

                              • 49ers faithfull
                                49ers faithfull  1 months back

                                @t flo "not" rıght🙂

                              • Leo Criss
                                Leo Criss  1 months back

                                You have to block to play TE. Kittle is Top 3.

                              • EternalCreator
                                EternalCreator  1 months back

                                It's not all about yards